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Camping du Buisson, a committed campsite

Our campsites with 44 locations in total is part of the network of campsitesVia Natura. Each of our structures keeps its own identity and each time you will discover a new place with its differences and originalities; but we agree on values, a common charter. Our commitment to the “Via Natura” approach is voluntary, it is part of an activist approach for the development of our environmental and natural heritage, as well as our desire to share.​ Our approach is to create a spirit of respect, quality and comfort on our campsite on a human scale, in a privileged site, where respect for man and respect for nature are the basis of relationships, where we will share our passions with you as diverse as they are surprising on our land. For sporting, cultural, gastronomic holidays, close to nature or for the kings of relaxation, all tastes are in Isère. Surrounded by superb mountain ranges, Camping du Buisson is the starting point discoveries for the whole family.

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Camping du Buisson: an eco-responsible campsite

We have implemented concrete actions to reduce our impact on the environment.

We have provided a composting area, which can be used by campers.

The campsite has an area dedicated to selective sorting.

Raising awareness about saving water and electricity, landscape integration, choice of materials and maintenance products, waste sorting, etc.

The majority of cleaning products we use are natural (white vinegar, bicarbonate, black soap, etc.) or have ecological certification.

The campsite is very dimly lit at night, with solar beacons to avoid light pollution and make the most of the starry sky...

Thus, we want to make our customers aware of virtuous daily gestures, give them a stay close to nature, and show them that by choosing their vacation spot they can act in favor of protecting the environment.

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